Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Benefits of hippotherapy

Why Use Horses In Therapy?

Horses create a dynamic, three-dimensional movement that cannot be reproduced in a traditional clinic setting. The natural gait or stride of the horse, coupled with the animal's warmth, provides numerous benefits, including:

Improvements in:

muscle tone and strength

gross motor skills such as sitting, standing and walking

range of motion



Advances in:


head and trunk control

body awareness



Positive effects on:

eye-hand coordination

limbic system function related to arousal, motivation and attention

sensorimotor function

oral motor control, voice quality and vocal/verbal communication

When the horse's movement is transferred to the patient through hippotherapy, it produces a combination of sensory, motor and neurological input that we use to treat a wide variety of diagnoses. These include:


Cerebral Palsy and PVL

Down Syndrome

Developmental Delay

Sensory Integrative Dysfunction

Learning or Language Disabilities

Cerebral Vascular Accident (Stroke)

Traumatic Brain Injury

Spinal Cord Injuries

Genetic Disorders

Attention Deficit

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