Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hippotherapy in Sudan

A number of modalities apply in helping children with special needs, Hippotherapy being one of the growing and effective ones among them. This term literally means “treatment with the help of horses” and so far it is one of the most complementary modalities used in therapy. Hippotherapy has a deeper and wider positive impact on disabled children. In other words, Hippotherapy, in general, is not just “moving on a horse”; it implicates a lot more actions, re-actions and inter-actions, especially the way it is practised in Sudan.

This new experience helps children with special needs build self-confidence, communication abilities and most of all the sense of independence.
Families also benefit from this particular modality as they meet each other during Hippo therapy sessions and discuss about the day-to-day challenges their children encounter. This interaction is an important factor for the real success of the therapy, given that disabilities are still taboo in Sudan .

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