Sunday, June 14, 2009

Miracles Sudan is a special place.

Due to its special atmosphere, Miracles Sudan riding centre is a exciting and stimulating environment for children to attain their therapy (hippotherapy) and for parents to overcome their taboos. (Parents of handicapped children in Sudan often hide their children away afraid of what society would think of them).

The horses used for this type of therapy need to have a good, calm temperament and be very well trained. Horses at Miracles Sudan riding centre have both qualities enabling children and their assistants to perform all sorts of exercises safely. More over, children are conquered by the kindness of these large animals which builds their confidence and thus increases their interaction.

Miracles Sudan’s special feature is to be a home for abandoned horses in particular, but once visited it appears clearly that it is a home for all living beings. This is a real miracle in Sudan and that is what gives it this name. Probably, this is also why this special experience is working out so well. Somehow, there is a strong bond between those rescued horses and these children as they both have been challenged to get a dignified life finding their way through this farm.

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